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A Guide to the Elemental Kingdom

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In this lucid, step-by-step guide, Susan Raven introduces us to the world of nature spirits and elemental beings, and explains why these entities wish to reconnect with us. By working together with the elementals - which reside in earth, water, air and fire - we can become responsible co-creators at this critical time in our evolution. The future of humanity, and that of the Earth, may be dependent upon such a positive and reciprocal relationship.

Susan investigates the nature of the accelerated, evolutionary wave of consciousness pulsing into Earth at the present time, and how its effects are helping us forge a new link with the spiritual and etheric worlds. It is in the ether - where the dissolving and coalescing forces behind physical matter exist - that we find the kingdom of the nature spirits. Making use of her personal experiences, Susan describes the activities of these beings in the landscape, in plants and in human beings. She presents meditations and exercises to prepare us for a meeting with the nature spirits, and emphasises the importance of working with the elemental kingdom in our immediate environment.

The path of personal development outlined in Nature Spirits: The Remembrance features a wide range of insightful testimony from some of the most well-respected seers, with particular emphasis on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

'[This book] is a very important piece of research work which should become recommended reading material for all students of spiritual science, however advanced they may be and not just newcomers… It is written sensitively and inclusively in a language that can appeal to every free thinker regardless of their religious persuasion or philosophical outlook.' - Star and Furrow

'A splendid book … people who are concerned for the state of the earth and what is being done to it will find it extremely valuable.' - New View

'A profound and instructive book… What marks it out is the way in which a higher science is integrated into the thesis as the prospect of scientific seers comes closer.' - Network Review

SUSAN RAVEN, a singer-songwriter, author and speaker who performs regularly on the British music festival scene, is a life-long student of spirituality. Specialising in the Western esoteric tradition and the work of Rudolf Steiner, she regularly gives talks on the ether and the elemental beings that inhabit it. Her musical CDs, and her moving and inspiring live performances, have attracted a large fan base around the world.

Susan has spent the last 20 years living in the remote hills of mid-Wales, deepening her understanding of the elemental kingdom and gradually developing the faculty for perceiving this formative world and its inhabitants. In her work she speaks openly of her transformative experiences, and has introduced spiritual-scientific concepts of the etheric world to many people over the years.

‘The task of the troubadour has always been to listen to the wind and anticipate the future, to discern the fine nuances of a spiritual age and to play the dual roles of receiver and transmitter. My many years as a songwriter and performer have encouraged me to go ahead and petition the hidden spirit within nature to reveal its inspirations and imaginations...’

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Published in the UK by Clairview Books, October 2012

£12.99; 176pp; 23.5 x 15.5 cm; paperback; ISBN 9781905570379