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SUSAN RAVEN, a singer-songwriter speaker and author who performs regularly on the British music festival scene, is a life-long student of spirituality. Specialising in the Western esoteric tradition and the work of Rudolf Steiner, she regularly gives talks on the ether and the elemental beings that inhabit it. Her musical CDs, and her moving and inspiring live performances, have attracted a large fan base around the world.

Susan has spent the last 20 years living in the remote hills of mid-Wales, deepening her understanding of the elemental kingdom and gradually developing the faculty for perceiving this formative world and its inhabitants. In her work she speaks openly of her transformative experiences, and has introduced spiritual-scientific concepts of the etheric world to many people over the years.

‘The task of the troubadour has always been to listen to the wind and anticipate the future, to discern the fine nuances of a spiritual age and to play the dual roles of receiver and transmitter. My many years as a songwriter and performer have encouraged me to go ahead and petition the hidden spirit within nature to reveal its inspirations and imaginations...’

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