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Exercises for spiritual self-defense

Distribution title (Thomas Mayer); Trans. by C. Dyson

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Let’s work together to develop inner light and counteract the darkness!

Illustrated throughout in full colour, this booklet features 28 meditations and soul exercises to help develop courage and internal strength, supporting our inner being and spiritual self. The meditations can aid in clearing our emotional space and illuminating our thinking – strengthening health, bringing healing to dark impulses and assisting us in integrating death as an important part of life. The exercises are also a contribution to easing the tensions felt in the collective consciousness during this time of multiple global crises.

In the concluding chapter, based on concepts from the research of Rudolf Steiner, the author puts into perspective the spiritual struggle underlying the coronavirus crisis.

THOMAS MAYER, author, meditation teacher and civil rights activist, was born in southern Germany. He is co-founder of More Democracy, an association in Germany to further direct democracy or participatory politics, particularly through referenda (of which he has organized many). He has lectured widely on the subject of regional currencies and initiated pilot projects to introduce them. He organized a referendum in Switzerland in 2018 called ‘sovereign money’ regarding the question of who should have the right to create money: private banks or public institutions? Since 2004 he has been teaching anthroposophical meditation, together with Agnes Hardorp. He is the author of eleven books, including Answering the Call of the Elementals (2021).

His websites are:, and

Published in the UK by Clairview Books, 28 June 2023

£12.99; 96pp; 18 x 12 cm; paperback; ISBN 9783910465022