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Safely and Consciously
As received through spirit guides

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‘My reason for writing this book is quite simple. I want to ask my spirit guides to tell us of ways in which we may – whilst still living in our physical bodies on earth – cross over the threshold that leads into realms of spirit… These are the same worlds that we will enter after our earthly deaths, and the very same worlds from which we have also descended into our earthly births.’

Working with his personal spirit guides, Bob Woodward seeks contemporary methods to gain access to higher worlds, the metaphysical realms of reality that underpin our existence. In comprehensible language – accessible to any serious seeker of truth – he presents transcripts of communications with his guides, each section featuring an individual teaching followed by questions, discussion and commentary. The messages he receives contain a sequence of imaginative, inspiring meditations that enable the reader to explore worlds of spirit. Reconnecting consciously with these spheres brings true knowledge of ourselves, allowing each of us to work as enlightened beings, with greater compassion and understanding, for the good of the whole world.

Following on from his Knowledge of Spirit Worlds and Life After Death, Bob Woodward’s new book provides vital insights for anyone aspiring to a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

DR BOB WOODWARD was born in 1947 in Gloucester, United Kingdom. Having studied at state and Steiner schools, he became a co-worker at the Sheiling School in Thornbury, a centre of the Camphill Community, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). He remained within the Camphill Movement, living with and teaching children with special educational needs, for some forty years, retiring in 2012. He took a special interest in understanding autism in children and young people. At the age of 46, Bob received an M.Ed degree from Bristol University, followed by an M.Phil at the age of 50 and a Ph.D from the University of the West of England at the age of 64. As well as being a qualified educator, he is a spiritual healer and the author of several books. He is married with five grown-up children and many grandchildren.

Published in the UK by Clairview Books, 11 April 2022

£10.99; 100pp; 21.5 x 13.5 cm; paperback; ISBN 9781912992362